Who are we?

We are a construction and simulation office created by enthusiasts of technology and motorization. Our experience is based on automotive industry projects on the German market. We have worked for such companies as BMW, MAN, Porsche and Audi. We are motivated to act and develop a team of specialists. We would like to share our knowledge so that our company will gather enthusiasts like us.

founder of the Diagram company
MSc. Dawid Dusik

A graduate of full-time studies at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, major in Mechatronics, Design and operation of mechatronic systems

R&D engineer, since 2014 has been working in the automotive industry in Germany; responsible for designing and introducing into series production elements of high voltage electric harnesses for electric cars.

Privately a happy husband, a traveller, a fan of motorcycles and BMW brand.

Our company is growing rapidly. We work with a group of specialists in their fields, so we can provide complete engineering support services for your companies.


The intensive growth of the outsourcing industry has resulted in the development of modern tools and IT systems that we take advantage of in our operations. Actively participating in these transformations we have developed solutions that guarantee you the highest quality of services and allow us to respond to your various needs. In the current business model, it may be unprofitable to maintain a construction office at your facility. Maintenance of software licenses and paying to plenty of specialists can be a significant burden for the company’s budget. In response comes our business model – you place an order for a complete service and we provide professional support.

Where are we?

We base our business on remote work, that’s why we work with you regardless of location. With great pleasure  we can meet with you to discuss the details of our cooperation or arrange a Skype meeting.

Customers from the German market can get to know us in Munich

Polish clients can get to know us in Gliwice

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